Dreams and Reality
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Started on February 6, 201906.30am- 7.15 amWednesday

Morning Meditation

Start the day with a shot of meditation before or after your shot of morning coffee. Join Ani Dechen for her Wednesday morning meditation to set the tone for a great day. Explore how we create our reality by the quality of our mind, and discover the power of experiencing a more peaceful reality for the day. Our lives are like dreams because of the way our minds colour our experiences. We have all had situations where we thought one thing about a person’s intentions or behaviour, only to find out that the effect was not their intention, but just the way we perceived it due to our own reality at that moment. Or we have had times when someone who was a friend becomes a stranger or someone we dislike, and someone we never got on with previously becomes someone quite dear to us. This is largely due to our own minds and the more we remove the dirt that obscures our joyful, equanimous selves, the more blissful a reality we will experience.

Setting a calm tone in the mind first thing in the morning will positively influence our day and effect those around us too. The first ten mins will be guided, then you can sit in your own choice of silent practice.

Due to the early time, please keep noise to a minimum for those living nearby and for those still sleeping in our accommodation at Pundaika. Doors will open at 6.25 and close again at 7.20 am so everyone can continue with their responsibilities for the day. Please be prompt arriving and leaving due to the short session. Please check the website for any notices of cancellations due to Ani Dechen being away.

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