World Peace
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Started on January 14, 20197.00-900pm2 hours

World Peace for most people is peace in our own personal world. Until enlightenment or if you are non Buddhist, a state of complete and unshakable joyful peace, we will always suffer from anger, irritation, depression, and anxiety, more of less of the time.

We cannot stop others from behaving in ways that trigger our stuff, as the saying goes, that would be like trying to cover the earth in leather instead of just wearing shoes. However, we can improve our own skills and tools, that like shoes, we have with us at most times. Then we don’t ned to worry about other people, we have got it covered by ourselves.

When we have a strong level of peace in our world, we can radiate that out to the wider world, just by being us, and that way we can aspire to influence world peace in the larger sense.

This class will be a short teaching, followed by meditation and your choice of  personal dedication prayer of wishes for World Peace.

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