Reiki Healing and Training

Since the age of 14 Dechen has been practicing hands on healing. As a Reiki master Dechen is available for individual healing sessions and Reiki training.

Full circle from Buddhist Healing to Buddhist Meditation

References to Reiki was originally discovered by Dr Usui in writings at a Buddhist monastery. After meditating for seven days he received a vision of information hidden in the texts and introduced Reiki in Japan and later his pupils brought it to the west. Dechen is trained in the original Usui traditional lineage, as so holds an unbroken line back to doctor Usui.

Tibetan Buddhism has the Medicine Buddha, who is the Buddha of healing, wellness and health. Dechen uses Medicine Buddha alongside her Reiki in a session as they are from the same root.

Dechen conducts training in various locations in New Zealand. If a group requests Reiki sessions, Dechen will also travel to accommodate a group.

Appointments in Wellington at Pundarika can be made through the appointment booking form on this site, for other locations, please email an enquiry.

Let your entire heart, your being flow into the touch without holding anything back at all. Imagine that this would be the last moment of your life. A reiki treatment done is such a way is pure meditation.
Dr mikao usui 

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